If you're done with trial and error, hopping on and off of the rollercoaster and want to sell out your offers behind the scenes and stack recurring income well into the next year - the Genius Method is your custom ticket to a business that works better when you are offline enjoying all the luxuries life has to offer

There's a secret art to zero performance

...that involves no more hit and miss, no more tactics/trends, no more launching, emails or any form of performance where you are so clear about what you offer that clients are begging for to stay for years!

The Genius Method is your custom approach to sales & marketing

🗽Recurring revenue? Hell yes

🗽Consistent daily sales? Hell yes

🗽Sold out offers before they go public and waitlists filling? Hell yes

🗽No more hustle or performing for sales and instead a proven method that does that for you? Hell yes

🗽No more launching or endless downloads? Hell yes

 🗽Selling offers behind the scenes because clients are reaching out daily? Hell yes

🗽A product suite that sells itself because the client journey is so clear? Hell yes

🗽Selling from your genius vs your personal development journey so you NEVER have to question, doubt or wobble around your offers or brand EVER again? HELL YES


Something has been missing and you are tired looking for the missing pieces that feel ...endless

Once you have one piece, the next one comes creeping in....

You've been doing this for a while and you're exhausted

You're ready to allow others to do the marketing for you now...you're done with performance



🫦Others do the marketing for you because you’re known for what you do and people can’t stop talking about it

🫦Your offer sells out in presale or just with teaser content because your Genius is so specific - people are lining up to work with you!

🫦No need to launch anymore

🫦Minimal offers -- no need to create a ton more of them

🫦No BS fluff/”flow” or just "energetics" - you know exactly what is working and what not move the needle in your business with you being "on" all the time

🫦You’re honed into your specific genius and have identified your unique IP so you stand out among the crowd and people are naturally drawn to you and your work

🫦You’re not spread thin among different platforms because you know EXACTLY which platforms work for YOU

🫦Your energy is focused and directed, you're tapped in and plugged into a forcefield that never gets boring and constantly activates your clients to buy

🫦You have open space to create, write, think, speak in a way that is a representation of you and reflected as such in your BRAND

🫦You are not reinventing the wheel but innovating by sharing your Genius in a simple, repeatable and zero performance way

When testimonials flow in because your Genius is so specific that results are guaranteed....

testimonials keep coming in without you lifting a finger for them. Your clients are so blown away by your work - instant authority!


 I get it, right now your personal development journey is enmeshed with your business. How would you know any other way? We've all been there!

Your greatest challenge is defining the value of your intangible offers.🤷🏻‍♀️

You know what you have to offer is different to anyone else's - but you don't know how to do things differently so it lands for peopled the pay you well for it.🤷🏻‍♀️

You know you are experienced but you don't know how to stand out from the crowd.🤷🏻‍♀️

You know you want to take weeks off a year but you have no idea how that is possible when you're constantly coddling your business, coaxing it to finally walk on it's own two feet without you🤷🏻‍♀️

You want to be proud of what you build WITHOUT sacrificing and compromising on what is important to you (like family time, real off time). 


ultimately you know you have to do something different that has "end game" written all over it

Your “Endgame Strategy” is an actual simple, sustainable, different business model based on not needing to perform/convince/get external validation in order to get sales. This is the process designed specifically for you that allows you to finally release all shreds of performance from your work. You get to relax into a simple, solid business that grows naturally, makes you money, and is intentional. No more performance, no more doing things you hate, no more pushing yourself to do things that aren’t actually moving you forward. No more pressure to show up and do things a certain way. You get to show up and get paid for your work in a simple way.

consistent clarity

👉🏻When you no longer rack your mind or throw Spagetti at the wall because sales become a byproduct of your daily life, without you actively "doing" more for it because you have strategically build your content to sell for you

sales behind the scenes

👉🏻When your 5 star menu is so solid and in demand that clients re-sign, stay for years or people you have never seen before slide into your DM's to buy without sales call, long drawn out sales conversations

programs sold out bts

👉🏻When your strategy alive while never feeling bored or icky. Working innately that people can't wait to sign up and pay for offers you haven't even launched yet

is the genius method for me?

This is for you if you are a spiritual entrepreneur with an online business and want to do things differently to how you have been taught. If you want to show up with zero performance (no more launching, constantly offering new programs, trying to follow the trends of the Guru's and/or have a big following but no idea how to monetise it, and/or have a hard time outgrowing your success so far - the Genius Method will guarantee results.

this is not for you

If you are determined to continue doing business the way the gurus have taught you up to this point, on "flow", "balance your masculine and feminine energetics" or outdated strategies, being bold, audacious and sharing money wins - this is not for you. If you tend to fight for your beliefs and are not comfortable with innovation in both personal, brand and content, this is not for you.

You already have the audience. You know who these people are.

You've done the work and now, you are able to hold the success and implement The Genius Method to create a unique, innovate business backed by your Genius where your creative juices never dry out, people you have never seen before buy overnight, you are known as the go-to expert of your GENIUS and the last thing you rack your mind about is if you can hold the level of success you created or not. It just keeps growing...money keeps stacking, business is juicier than ever before without resentment or you trying to wiggle yourself out of working with clients...


the mastermind

incl. 3x 60min Zoom meetings per month to match different timezones

Your Genius

You will receive a custom email with a short description of your Genius to kick your time off with me. We will then align all content, IP,  product suite and messaging to match that.

5 star menu

We will customise your product portfolio to match your Genius and maximise profits and your time off while guaranteeing results for clients. We will create bold claims you will have no problem selling!


We will build a BRAND that represents you and is not something based off of how you want to be perceived. Authenticity matched with strategy is the key here.


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