6 Steps to becoming a MAGNET for everything you have ever wanted 


Doors Open

 01 November 2019

Have you ever wondered why those wildly successful Healers/Coaches or anyone you have ever admired and looked up to are so damn happy and fulfilled? Like their abundance and inner peace just emanates towards you. 

Have you ever wondered why their smile penetrates even the deepest parts of you? How their authenticity is MAGNETIC? Let me be real honest here - I did too! And if you are here then I know that you want it too, don't you? Hell yes! Do you know how I know that? Because our deepest core desire is for CONNECTION.


We need community to thrive, not isolation. 

You don't have to keep those dreams to yourself. Keeping them to yourself for fear of ridicule, judgment or resentment has driven you to more isolation than you are even admitting. 

You have to think these people must have been coughing up thousands on mentors, coaches, and courses, right?

What if we were to tell you that you were getting everything they learned in YEARS in 6 WEEKS!  

Look, we get it, there are so many coaches and healers out there! How to choose? How will you know that we will be the ones to change your life with you?

The simple answer is: you don't! And do you now why? Because it's not up to me. It's up to you.

Unlike others we will not promise you will change one single thing - what I CAN promise you is that you will get my 10+ years of experience and all the tools you would EVER need to get whatever it is you want. 

Hi, we are Nicole (Master Life coach and Nutritionist) and Heike (Master Shamanic Healer and Animal Communicator Extraordinaire) and we have teamed up to give you the best of the best. While others are out there offering you a one man (or woman) show, we are coming in double whammy style and combining our years of experience. I know that you know there is no price on experience.

If you're like 69% of the people out there, you are living a life in mediocre job, surrounded by people that might be cool but they aren't the ones you can share your big ideas with. They aren't the ones that will cheer you on when your ideas are that outrageous that you're almost scared to share them. Don't be one in three people out there that is just "happy with their life" according to a recent claim by researchers. 

Don't resign yourself to "mediocre" because you don't have to. That is not the answer, you have been hiding for long enough. You have been accepting mediocre for far too long. In just 6 weeks you will go from "mediocre" to slamming, life loving, abundant and fuck yes!

You're in luck with us because we will show you exactly how. 

The best part? You don't have to do anything because WE GOT YOU COVERED - all the way through the 6 weeks and beyond.

If you are feeling alone on your healing journey, like no one reeaaally gets you, like sure, they are supportive but they don't GET it...

If you are constantly feeling misunderstood, trying to do everything on your own, are sick and tired of putting others first and are ready to change that then JOIN US NOW!

We can't wait to welcome you like a sister, a place where you belong, the luminous path, we will walk with you!

We know how it feels to be where you are right now because that was us.

We know how it feels when you think you need someone else to carry some of your load, when the load feels too heavy to carry alone.

We know what it feels like when all you want is for someone to come and hold you and your fears, to tell you everything's going to be alright. We know how heavy that feels.

We also know, as do you by now, that heavy ain't your thing anymore. It sure as hell isn't ours.

You know that you are who you've been waiting for. You know which decisions are for your highest good because I will teach you how.

We will teach you the simple, easy and effortless steps to create lasting Boundaries that you will OWN. They'll feel so effortless, you won't even notice you are creating one!

We will teach you how to make high-vibing decisions because you deserve nothing less!

You finally deserve easy and effortless. All the time! 

You will be done with self doubt. All you will feel is your epic self thriving and creating a life you by YOUR DESIGN.

And the best part? When something does feel like it has gone wrong, you will be able to take it with ease and grace because you will know that every rejection is a  redirection and every perceived failure your greatest opportunity. 

What is your TRUTH?

Does this sound "too good to be true"?

Then let's define "truth" for a millisecond. Truth, per definition, is "a fact or belief that is accepted as true". By following our tried-and-tested 6 Steps everything to become MAGNETIC!

You might have thought that your compassion, empathy and sensitivity was in your way but we will teach you just how to use that as your SUPERPOWER.

We will teach you how to question your thoughts as they come up so you become aware of them.

This will give you the ultimate freedom to choose what to think, how to think and when to shut off thoughts that are not for your highest good. 

This is your LAST chance for 2019

That being said, if you are ready to step into your power from hereon out, to take full responsibility for your own well-being and peel back the layers to your true self and fulfilling your deep purpose - then this is your LAST CHANCE for 2019.

I have teamed up with Whole-listic Hustle's Nicole, a Master Life Coach from New York who is taking time out of her booked out schedule just for you to add her expertise to the mix. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Who knows if we will offer this again? You don't want to miss out on this!

Why Us? Because we have BEEN there where you are.


We have been through the struggles, lying in the trenches, wondering if this is all life has to give? I suffered my first panic attack with 12, followed by multiple mental health struggles always blaming myself and my hypersensitivity for everything. Always looking at myself as a burden, not a gift. Always wondering why other's could go through life so effortlessly, creating deep and lasting connections and I could not. Until I made a decision one day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was depleted, I was pleasing everyone else but myself and I had had enough. I was sick and tired of making other's a priority and leaving my Soul high and dry. I was done with guilt and shame. The question now is, are you?

I signed up for a Boundary class and my life changed forever! It was then that I realised that without boundaries - nothing else is possible. You can have the life of your dreams - but if you don't have boundaries, you don't really get to know yourself on a DEEP level, you cannot consistently create from a place of alignment.



If you have been wondering if the "good life" is only reserved for a select few? If living abundantly is just not for you? Hell no! A life you can't wait to wake up to - is available for you. And do you know what? Because I know just how powerful this 6 weeks will be for you, we are offering a




Yes, you read that right - money back if you have done the work and showed us that you have given it your all but it just wasn't for you.

We're going to give you 333 days to try the Luminous Path and prove to yourself that it will deliver the results I'm promising you. If it doesn't, then all you need to do is contact me and we will happily refund the ENTIRE AMOUNT! That's how sure we are of your personal success - that is how much FAITH we have in you!

Full disclosure though...so we know that you have tried and done your absolute best, you have to show us you did the work. The reason is simple my beautiful Old Soul, you have to own it to grow it. Everything you do, needs to be nurtured to grow, to transform and expand. 

Only if you are 100% committed to yourself (and that takes courage!) will you reap the rewards. So if you're not willing to commit, then I would advise against joining this Luminous Path, with other fully committed luminous sisters.

Deep down, we both know you are ready for this otherwise you would not still be reading - so this also means you have what it takes to completely transform your life - for good. 

Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of THE LUMINOUS PATH

We aren't stopping there - why would we?

If you sign up with us, which is our greatest honour, we want to gift you the following:

For those that are going all in and paying in FULL, you receive:


  • a 1-1 distance shamanic journey session with me right at the beginning. In this journey I will be healing and balancing your Chakras, releasing psychic trauma, trapped emotions and ancestral wounds from your body. I will also go on a journey with your Soul to speak to your Guide and/or Power Animal to find out what healing you need to focus on in the next 6 weeks. (Worth $220)

  • a 90 minute 1-1 deep-dive into co-creating your absolute dream life with Nicole (Worth $ 500)



Another BONUS!


  • The first 5 to sign up will receive an energized crystal fuelled with a special life force energy by the highest ranking angel, the Seraph (Worth $ 50)

More Bonuses??? YES!!!!

WEEKLY meditations and EFT trainings throughout the 6 weeks together worth a total of $ 333!

Not to mention working with us in a 1-1 environment for 6 weeks would usually cost you over

$ 6,000

You are saving while investing in yourself! It's a win/win situation!

What it looks like: 


Over the course of 6 weeks, you'll get to deep dive live, once a week, through a Group Coaching/ Shamanic Healing journey, delivered through Zoom video conferencing calls, with your like-minded soul tribe; hosted by both Heike and myself ! The power of two is greater than one. The intentions of a group, propel you forward into Magic Magnetism, you feel me ? 


It's going to be an intense 6 weeks; but like the good kind of intense -- burn your old limiting identities to the ground, and rise up out of the ashes, lit AF from the inside out,  ready to align with your highest badass self -- kind of intense. 


Throughout this time together you will also have the continuous support of a private Facebook group, where we encourage connecting with your high vibe, soul tribe. Think lots of extra mile, bonus guidance from Heike and myself, as well as your Luminous community. 


Because if we're not connecting to like-minded souls on the same journey, who completely GET us, are we even living ? 


We are going to rise ALL THE WAY UP through very specific tools, and soul work, that you will be able to carry with you, when our time is over. 


We've spent over a decade cultivating them - two decades if you add together both of our experiences; And now, over the course of JUST 6 weeks, these tools can be yours !

If you're thinking....



We used to believe our thoughts as well.

If you're thinking "I don't know if I have the time", well yes, you might not because time is an illusion which in turn means time is something YOU create. This also means, you either take and make the time for the 6 weeks together, or you don't. We won't be able to take responsibility for you, only you can do that. It really comes down to you and how much you want that life you have been dreaming of for a while now...HOWEVER we will be giving you ALL the tools you would EVER need to succeed.

If you're wondering if this 6 weeks intensive will help you...

This is our answer:

We get it, you are doubting yourself and your capabilities. You are wondering if Nicole and I can deliver the results you desperately want. The thing is, we can't. Only you can do that. You can join a million challenges, sign up for courses and book healing sessions but that will not change a thing for you unless you do the work. So this one is on you. Ask yourself why you are not fully committed to your personal growth and excellence and then sign up above.

The consequences of not showing up for yourself and not taking responsibility

for your entire well-being is the degree to how much you are willing to give up. Your identities, the struggles, that will not change if you don't take action now!

Sign up now and epically transform your life - your way

And if all of that has not got you making BIG decisions for yourself, see what my sisters have to say about working with me below

As Gabby Bernstein says.... if you're still dancing around the perimeter of the person you want to be, dive deeply and fully into it with us below.