If you have been working with clients for years and you feel like there is way more to your gifts you haven't unlocked yet...

There are questions your clients have you don't have an answer to...

There have been blocks coming up you didn't know how to clear...

There were dark beings that showed up and you didn't know how to remove...

You know your work is insanely powerful but you do not have that response from clients yet...

You know you should be referred out like crazy...but it's not happening ...yet

...this is for you.

Inside this certification you will be refining your psychic abilities to do, see, heal any block you and your clients might have from pre-, present and past lifetimes inside the collective and clear them within minutes....sometimes even seconds.




energetic mastery

  • End all co-dependancy with any 3D tools or rituals 
  • Clear ANY blocks, remove any attachments, dark beings, hidden beings, off- and on planet, hexes, curses and spells that no one has seen for your clients before.
  • Move with a power that leaves family members and clients literally speechless
  • Create an impeccably pure work place where the answers for your clients drop in instantly resulting in MIRACLES. Referrals start pouring in like nobody's business!

Be inclusive

  •  You will know EXACTLY how to speak to, train and teach clients that are neurodivergent or neurotypical - everyone gets results. 
  •  It's never been easier to guarantee results when you know about your clients culture. Allow  thank you's and aha breakthroughs to fill your testimonial folder...
  • You never feel like you are disappointing your clients because your feedback is so SPOT ON that you leave them and yourself speechless.


  • Work with YOUR specific spiritual helper beings to remove specific blocks that are in your clients highest interest other's have overseen. You'll be that good.
  • Remove any fake Guides you or your clients have, even if they're hidden.
  • Questioning what you're channeling? That was yesterday. Your confidence doesn't trigger, it inspires and places you into the segment of AUTHORITY. In a sea of psychics, everyone will know your name.
  • Your clients have questions? You know every single answer that is in their highest interest at all times. 

"I was told very often that I needed to be in my full power in order to be able to deal with any spirit related issues I had. I was told over and over again to be in my full power but I couldn't truly comprehend what my power was until Becoming Majestic. I realised I had a pattern of very quickly self sabotaging my power every time I saw, sensed or felt it in me so doing Becoming Majestic as a serious game changer for me. Just last week I used tools Heike taught and I've now  released myself from the old paradigm of deep fear and powerlessness where spirits are concerned. And it happens quickly - in a week!

And now I feel almost entirely free to be in my full power. It's been a wild ride but so dang powerful- you truly become unfuckwithable if you stick to it and do the work.

That's the magic of BM- Heike shows you the way to your full power and that's a game changer.

I have never felt more grounded. BM is healing yourself in the most transforming way.

It's a deep homecoming to your most powerful self.

- Sandhya



  • Meditations incl. 8th chakra work
  • Week 1 - Know Thyself, Codes of Ethics, The Power of Intention, Gatekeeper, AA Michael, White Disc of Light
  • Week 2 - Blue Cloak, Closing and Shielding Chakras, The 8th Chakra, Auric Egg, Strengthening and Shielding Chakras, Reducing Sensitivity, Releasing Feelings that no longer serve you
  • Week 3 - Space Clearing Sword of Fire, Gods Sword, Space Clearing, Guardians of the Light, Lord M, Working with 4 Archetypes&Deities of 4 Directions
  • Week 4 - 4 Archetypes of 4 Directions, Hall of Records, Clearing blocks, Vows, Cody Scan and Co-dependancy
  • Week 1- Why & How to work in Allyship, Removing Fake Guides, Main Guide, AA Mary and AA of the Light
  • Week 2 - Meeting the Divine Feminine Goddesses of the Light
  • Week 3 - Meeting the Goddess Kali & Freya
  • Week 4 - Social Media Clearing
  • Week 1 - Seeing, discerning Thought Forms, Psychic Attack and Cords by colour, depth, material and more incl. pre-, present and past lifetimes
  • Week 2 - Meeting Your Offplanet Gatekeeper, Working with Off Planet Beings (Star Races), the Galactic Hall of Records, Arcturian Healing Centre incl. BONUS Training
  • Week 3 - Working with Crystals in a Different Way (without physical crystals present)
  • Week 4 - Meeting your own Dragon Guide & learn a new way of Ancestral Healing that is 10x faster than anything else you’ve ever learned before.
  • Week 1 - Clearing Spells and Curses, on - and offline
  • Week 2 - Clearing Attachments (3 out of 4 people have multiple attachments), Meeting the Carrion Angels
  • Week 3 - Learn about Cultures, Mental Health, Neurodivergency and how to help clients through it all (BONUS training)
  • Week 4 - Meeting the Pegasus and Traveling into the Future
  • Spirit Attachment
  • Spirit Classification
  • Coming into Right Relationship with Gaia and the Plant People
  • Black Magicians


12 month payment plan

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Heike is a Prophetess with the rare gift and ability to read your major soul purpose and genius.

Through her mentorship, she helps you identify, embody and monetize your Genius with her neurospicy strategic mind and sophisticated refinement of your psychic gifts turned into prophetic vision.



"Becoming Majestic changed and shifted so much for me. Connecting with my spirit guide team was the most magnificent thing that could’ve happened to me."


"To say Becoming Majestic was magical would be an understatement. For the first time in my life I felt seen, heard, and held."


Becoming Majestic 

The program is pre-recorded. This does not affect the potency of my teachings or transmissions, it allows you to integrate better than in a set schedule as has been my experience.

The Becoming Majestic Program encompasses a total of 4 months.

Becoming Majestic is protected under the Copyright Act 2022 © Heike Fleischer. Any illegal reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action. Please review our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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